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Students and parents can access the testing portion of Andrew's guidance webpage for information on many of the tests students might take during their high school years.  Useful information on this page includes the “Test Prep Resources” document, links to the ACT and College Board websites, and other testing information. 

Below is a general guide to the tests your student might take during high school, as well as the time frame in which the tests are taken:

ACT Testing

Offered several times during the school year, the ACT test is most commonly taken during junior year, as well as at the very beginning of a student’s senior year, if needed.  Click on the ACT Student link at the right for more information and to register for this test.

Advanced Placement (AP) Testing

Offered in May of each school year, AP tests are designed for students who are taking AP courses during the year.  Advanced Placement tests are typically taken during sophomore, junior and senior years by students enrolled in these courses.


Typically offered in the late fall of each year, the EXPLORE test is taken by incoming eighth graders as a placement test for high school courses.

PLAN Testing

Taken by freshmen in late April, the PLAN test is designed to get students accustomed to testing in a format similar to the ACT that they will take junior year.

PSAT Testing

Offered in October of each year, juniors and some sophomores can take this test as a preliminary SAT.  Juniors can use their results on this test to participate in the College Board’s National Merit scholarship competition, a competition that involves the top 1% of scorers in the nation.  Sophomores can take this test for practice purposes only.  

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