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Students and Teachers travel to Germany on exchange


For two weeks, students and teachers of Victor J. Andrew High School had the opportunity to study and travel their way through Germany. The trip consisted of 16 students and 2 teachers. 

They traveled to Budingen, Germany which is Tinley Park’s sister city. This was the second half of an exchange program that started last fall, when some German students and two German teachers came to Tinley Park for two weeks. The Andrew High School students and teachers were welcomed with a BBQ that was hosted by the sister cities commission of Budingen. The students stayed with host families and were able to experience every day German home life, while the teachers were hosted by the mayor of Budingen. The students attended school with their hosts as well.

While in Germany, the students were able to go on many different trips. They spent a night in Weimar, Germany and had the opportunity to visit the concentration camp of Buchenwald. The students also were able to tour Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s house. On their travels, the students explored the cities of Mainz and Frankfurt as well.

The teachers and students adventurous and educational two weeks in Germany ended with a farewell party. At the party there was a medieval sword fight reenactment at the old city wall that was hosted by the city. The students did a lot with their host families and were able to experience typical German home life, food culture and much more. They also had the opportunity to speak a lot of German.

One of the teachers that attended the trip, Erika Lupacchino, said, “Travel is one of the most important things anyone can ever do. It opens our eyes to new ways of thinking and it forces us to look at the world from a whole new perspective, creating lifelong learning and love for travel. Travel puts you in uncomfortable situations that serve as monumental learning experiences. In this increasingly global society, there is nothing more important that learning, understanding and acceptance of different cultures through travel abroad.”

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