Principal Appreciation


This month, the Illinois Principals Association invited school districts to celebrate National Principals Month. This state-endorsed occasion honors the work and commitment of principals and other building leaders throughout Illinois.

The School Board and Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay took the opportunity to publicly thank the three outstanding principals - Deb Baker, Eric Olsen and Bob Nolting - at the Board meeting last night.

"The role of a school principal is an incredibly rewarding and sometimes challenging one," said Dr. Gay. "We are fortunate to have three of the best in the business leading our schools each day. It is their vision, dedication and determination that make our schools the outstanding places they are. I am grateful for their passion to see students learn and grow, as well as their dedication to maximize the expertise of staff and the support of parents and community."

"I have often said that when parents send their children to school, they entrust their most precious resource to us. We have four short years to prepare students for their future. It is with Deb, Eric and Bob's leadership that Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew are able to assure students have the knowledge, skills and abilities they need no matter what path they chose after graduation."

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