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Hack230: Cancelled

Hack 230 Cancelled

Thank you for your interest in attending HACK230. Our plan was to team up with Major League Hacking and provide you a great experience where high school students could work in groups to solve problems that matter to them.  


Unfortunately, we need to cancel the event.  Part of the agreement with Major League Hacking was that we would guarantee around 150 students at the event. We marketed the event to many different high schools but we still fell short in our number of registered students.  


If you are still interested in participating in a “HACK” event, there are two options we would like to share with you. The first one is close to our original date, November 4th - 5th, and is being held at a Northern Illinois University. Here is a link to that Hackathon  While it is being held at NIU, they do allow high school students to attend with a signed parental consent.  

The second option we have for you is a strictly high school event at Warren Township High School. This 2nd annual event at Warren Township High School is scheduled for January 27 & 28th. At this time there aren’t any live registration links, but as soon as they are ready they will be available on the Major League Hacking event page: If you are a non-District 230 student you can sign up and make arrangement through this site. If you are a District 230 student and would like to attend this event please email Mrs. Wojcik,, to state your interest. If we have enough District 230 students who want to attend we may be able to provide transportation to the event.  

Thank you for your interest and good luck in the future!!

High School District 230 will host its first-ever Hack230, a hackathon for students at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools as well as surrounding schools, on Saturday to Sunday, October 21 to 22 at Andrew High School.
This two‐day event will provide all of the support needed for teams to hack out a real‐world solution to a real‐world challenge. 
"Don’t worry, we are not going to be illegally accessing Government or Corporate database," said teacher Cathy Wojcik. "A hackathon is an invention marathon. Programmers, designers, builders and more come together to learn, build, and share their creations over the course of a few days."
“Hacking” is a term which is used to describe the act of quickly and intelligently creating a real application/solution that, others can use. Hackathon projects will center on health care/biopharma, energy efficiency, and human services. These areas have huge potential for growth, are in need of real world solutions during this time of expansion.
The combination of real-world mentors and high school students foster the promotion and innovation of implementable solutions. The event is open to all current high school students. 
To participate, teams or individuals can sign up on the Hack 230 website.
All are welcome, no programming experience is necessary. Students with an interest in technology, healthcare, biopharma, interactive marketing, app development, energy efficiency, human services or who just want to learn something new can join HACK230
Adult industry experts, as well as recent high school graduates, can participate as mentors and team leaders.
On Saturday October 21, 2017, check in begins at 9:00 a.m. and the event will run until Sunday, October 22, 2017, with closing ceremonies starting around 10:00 a.m. This event is an overnight lock‐in, however, in case of an emergency participants will be allowed to leave once parent contact is made with an event organizer.
Register online here. This event is free for the first 150 students who sign up. Meals and event swag are included at no cost.The deadline for registration is October 13 at 3:00 p.m.
Contact Cathy Wojcik at with questions.

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