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Would it be possible for someone outside of your school to order a t-shirt and what would they look like?

From our Andrew website, click on Parent Organizations - Athletic Boosters and you can purchase directly from them.  Or go directly to http://andrewathleticboosters.org/spirit-shop/




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What does the activity pass include? The fee is 50.00.




Non-Transferable / Non-Refundable

Valid for Athletic Contests

(except IHSA tournaments)

Valid for Plays/Concerts

(except any fundraising performances,

i.e. Variety Show, Orchesis, Powder Puff, etc.)

Yearbook NOT Included

Use of ticket other than by the purchaser

will result in forfeiture.  

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first year at Andrew how and where do I order a year book?

There are two way you can buy a yearbook.  1. You can purchase one at the time you register for school in the summer.  or 2. You can go to the Andrew.d230.org website - click on the Students tab at the top left part of the page.  Then on the left side of the screen you will see the 'Yearbooks On Sale'  link.   You can purchase one there.   

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Yearbook representatives for your building:  Katie Kowalewski-kkowalewski@d230.org, 708-342-4553 or  Elizabeth Geiger at 708-342-4555, egeiger@d230.org.

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