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District 230 Annual Residency

Verification Information

All families will need to provide one document from Category I AND three documents from Category II. All of the documents must be presented at one time. Partial paperwork will not be accepted.


Category I: One of the following documents is required: 

- Signed and dated mortgage papers (homeowners) 
- Most recent property tax bill and proof of payment (Ex., cancelled check or form 1098 (homeowners) 
- Signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s payment 
- Letter from manager and proof of last month’s payment 
- Housing Letter (Military Personnel) 
- Letter of Residence (Dist. 230 form 7:60-E1)* 
- Letter of Residence when parents are living with another district resident (Dist. 230 form 7:60-E2)* 
*Host family must provide additional documentation 

Category II: Any three of the following documents are required: 

- Driver’s license 
- Vehicle registration 
- Voter registration 
- Most recent cable or credit card bill 
- Current public aid card 
- Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium payment receipt 
- Most recent gas, electric, and/or water bill 
- Receipt for moving van rental 
- Mail received at new residency 
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