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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Adams, Jan Special Services Program Aide 708-342-5800 x4233
Andreani, Cedric World Languages Teacher 708-342-5800 x4240
Arndt, David Social Studies Teacher 708-342-5800 x5941
Baker, Kristin Dean 708-342-5800 x5891
Balestri, Sherry Service Learning Secretary 708-342-5800 x5872
Barone, Alan Band Instructor Out of District Coach 708-342-5800 
Bartgen, John Social Studies Teacher 708-342-5800 x5900
Barth, Robert Math Teacher 708-342-5800 x5906
Bauml, John Dean's Aide 708-342-5800 x4285
Becker, Anne Math Teacher 708-342-5800 x5927
Birch, Dana Science Teacher 708-342-5800 x4541
Bochantin, Rosalia DC Secretary Math/Business 708-342-5800 x5997
Bodenheimer, Amy World Languages Teacher 708-342-5800 x4244
Bonkowski, Cynthia Special Services Program Aide 708-342-5800 x4219
Boston, Heather Science Teacher 708-342-5800 x4201
Bozych, Douglas PE/Health/Driver Ed Teacher 708-342-5800 x4257
Brady, Angela English Teacher 708-342-5800 x4215
Bray, Mary Principal's Secretary 708-342-5800 x5811
Brennan, Matthew Information Technology Support Assistant 708-342-5800 x5876
Briden, Susan Guidance Counselor 708-342-5800 x5843
Buczkiewicz, Matthew Science Teacher 708-342-5800 x4528
Callaghan, Kevin Dean 708-342-5800 x5893
Carroll, David Art Teacher 708-342-5800 x5930
Cochran, Kristin English Teacher 708-342-5800 x5976
Contaldi, Richard PE Teacher 708-342-5800 x5931
Cooler, Alice Media Specialist 708-342-5800 x5882
Cotter, Cynthia Special Services Program Aide 708-342-5800 x4282
Cozzi, Lauren Special Services Program Aide 708-342-5800 x4268
Creamer, Britni English Teacher 708-342-5800 x4286
Crotty, Kerry Math Teacher 708-342-5800 x4241
Cruz, Jesse Building Security 708-342-5800 x4314
Cunningham, Allen English Teacher 708-342-5800 x5981
Curtin, Kevin PE/Driver Ed & Social Studies Teacher 708-342-5800 x5946
Dalton, Timothy Division Chair Math/Business Education 708-342-5800 x5833
Danihel, Denise Special Services Program Aide 708-342-5800 x4235
de la Vega, Michelle World Languages Teacher 708-342-5800 x4526
Deacy, Patrick Dean's Assistant 708-342-5800 x4564
DeChene, Julie Math Teacher 708-342-5800 x4216
Dee, Lori English Teacher 708-342-5800 x5970
DeHaan, David Social Studies Teacher 708-342-5800 x4561
Del Bianco, Tallia Social Studies Teacher 708-342-5800 x5945
Deltoro, Olivia Guidance Secretary 708-342-5800 x5821
Deuser, August English Teacher 708-342-5800 x4312
Deval, Bonnie Special Services Program Aide 708-342-5800 x4271
Dirker, Sandra World Languages Teacher 708-342-5800 x5974
Doede, Jennifer Division Chair PhysEd/Health/DriverEd 708-342-5800 x5834
Dorcic, Jaclynn Special Services Program Aide 708-342-5800 x4739
Dovantzis, Claire Special Services Teacher 708-342-5800 x4237
Doyle, Judith Division Chair Secretary for PE Health & DE 708-342-5800 x5862
Driscoll, Donna Guidance Counselor 708-342-5800 x5978
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