Service Learning

All service learning hours must be done for a non-for-profit organization. Contact Mrs. Balestri at with any questions.

Please see the Summer Community Service Opportunities under Service Learning Information!

Parking Privilege All Seniors (Class of 2019) must have their Community Service hours complete and recorded by: August 1st, 2018.

All students are required to complete 24 hours of community-based learning projects. 

Students may begin earning service hours the first attendance day of their Freshman year.

  • All projects must be pre-approved by the Building Administrator in charge of Service Learning or their designee prior to a student beginning a project.
    • Pre-approved project lists will be made available to students in the Service Learning office and on the home school and district web-sites. These lists will include activities for :
      • School based projects
      • Co-curricular projects
      • Booster organization projects
      • Job Shadow or Internship opportunities
    • Projects not on the list will require pre-approval by the Building Administrator in charge of Service Learning or their designee.  
  • Projects must:
    • Contribute to the completion of a task, which will benefit the community, needy individuals, groups in the community and/or school based parent group.
    • Not involve direct solicitation of funds nor generate profits for any company.  Furthermore, students may not handle monetary transactions nor collect pledges.
    • Not place students in any situation, which would pose a risk to their health or safety.
    • Not place students in a situation that would be inappropriate for their age, background or level of maturity.
    • Not be for political party, campaigning, lobbying, or special interest group or family member.
    • Be channeled through a community based program.
    • Not be in the form of worship, but can be with a religiously affiliated organization.
    • Not involve driving or riding in a car.

Transfer students shall receive credit for any approved service learning from previous schools provided it meets the criteria of the District 230 program.  Transfer students entering during their freshman and sophomore year will be required to complete the 24 service hours required for graduation.  Students entering a District 230 school during junior or senior year shall have their hours prorated on the following basis:

  • Junior
    • 1st Semester – 18 hours
    • 2nd Semester – 15 hours
  • Senior
    • 1st Semester – 12 hours
    • 2nd Semester – 6 hours 
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