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As we enter October, T-Bolts have settled into a great new school year.  Their theme, “Different or Alike...United we Strike” has resonated in multiple ways.  Watching our kids supporting each other, trying new things, setting lofty goals, and showing their passions in multiple ways, has been a pleasure to see.  It is hard to argue that Andrew High School knows how to bring a large school together as a unified, close-knit community.  We are excited to begin to celebrate the Advisory Theme for October - Empathy.  We look to reinforce this theme in multiple ways - encouraging all our staff and students to appreciate each other's differences, consider their perspectives, and understand where they are coming from (and going to)...empathy is definitely a life skill!

In October, we host our fall Parent Teacher Conferences.  Please note a couple major changes.  First, we do not have school on October 9th due to the Columbus holiday.  Our conferences are on October 10th from noon to 7 p.m.  We encourage all parents to consider setting aside time to meet with their student’s teachers to discuss progress and design a plan for improvement.  On another night in October, the 30th, we begin to work with our Class of 2022!  All incoming freshman families are welcome and encouraged to attend this event, which is our first step in the process to become a T-Bolt!

We all know how the students love our Late Start Wednesdays!  However, we need to disappoint them this one time on October 25th.  That Wednesday, we are hosting the PSAT/NMSQT for our Class of 2019.  This exam, a pre-assessment for the spring SAT, will have all juniors taking the exam for several reasons.  First, it is great exposure to the SAT exam and will provide a score that helps set goals for performance in April.  Additionally, a strong performance on the PSAT will open students up for scholarship and recognition opportunities during their senior year. 

Finally, we are very proud to recognize two recipients of the Illinois School Board of Education Those Who Excel Awards.  First, receiving recognition for Support Service Personnel, our School Psychologist Tammy Stamus.  Tammy has been a remarkable asset to VJA for over a decade and has been an excellent resource for many families.  The other recipient is “The Center” for the Teamcategory.  As you know, The Center, both administration and staff, have been a tremendous program that has impacted thousands of students over the past couple years.  Both deserve the recognition and more - these groups will be celebrated in October at an event in Bloomington.

As always, it is an honor serving the Andrew community.  Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions, concerns, or ideas at

Robert Nolting




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