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As our calendar turns and we return from a timely Spring Break, our students and staff prepare for the close of the school year.  Even though there are two months of school left, the fervid pace of events and closing activities makes it seem like two weeks.  This is the case for all students, but even more so for our Class of 2018 who are celebrating many things for the very last time.

April marks many major events for our students.  For underclassmen, April 10th marks the PSAT/SAT state exam.  This provides great exposure to this exam as well as allowing for benchmark scores to help our students and families understand their current scores in order to make important academic decisions to prepare for post-secondary choices.  For juniors, the SAT is an important exam that can open doors to post-high school experiences.  We know that 91-94% of our students immediately move on to academic institutions upon high school graduation.  SAT scores provide a key piece of a students’ academic portfolio and we have been working toward maximizing their scores.

For many upperclassmen, Prom is another April event circled on many calendars.  We return to the Shedd Aquarium for the 12th year and our students love spending the evening on Michigan Avenue!  For many, Prom is a hallmark high school event and should be a positive memory for all who attend.  We work diligently to make sure Prom is a positive experience by helping our students make positive choices!

Finally, the Advisory theme for April is Advocacy!  Advocacy is a vital skill in the 21st Century.  All of us need skills to advocate for ourselves, each other, issues we believe in, and our world around us.  Each person has a passion - something they believe in - and should develop not only an identity for what that is, but ways in which they can effectively advocate for positive change. 

Based on the national movement regarding school safety, many students are exercising their advocacy voice to make schools safer.  As a Principal, this is the most significant social issue I’ve seen in over 20 years as an educator.  Advocating for change is a valued American ideal, and I am proud to work with students in many ways on how to advocate and make change - but also maintaining respectful relationships, avoid creating “winners & losers”, and have the persistence to see change through.  It is my goal to help this generation of T-Bolts use their voice to change the world - whether it is on a global, national, or local stage.

As always, it is my honor to serve as your principal.  If you have thoughts, suggestions or questions, please reach out at any time at

Robert Nolting






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