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Final Exams Spring 2016

Final Exams Spring 2016 Download Document


Video - Empower Teens to Make Good Choices

LIVE Video Empower Teens Tuesday, March 1st 7PM ...Read More


Football and Boys Soccer Head Coaches

Andrew High School Principal Bob Nolting announced Adam Lewandowski as the new head football coach and Loren Zolk as the new head boys soccer coach for the Thunderbolts after the District 230 Board of Education approved their hiring at February 25 board meeting. ...Read More


2016-17 Course Selection Guide

2016-17 Course Selection Guide ...Read More


Sweeney Todd play Dec 3-5

December 3-5: Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd! Set in 19th century London, a wrongly convicted barber returns home to seek revenge against those responsible for his imprisonment and separation from his wife and child. Sweeney Todd quickly sets up shop on Fleet Street, and with the help of his accomplice who owns the pie shop below, slits the throats of customers who are then baked into pies. ...Read More


Summer Enrichment Classes

Summer Enrichment Classes ...Read More


5Essentials Survey

District 230 will join the Illinois State Board of Education(ISBE) in providing a unique opportunity for teachers, parents and students across the state to have a role in improving their schools. Participants are being asked to share their opinions on a variety of topics through the Illinois State Board of Education in partnership with the University of Chicago “Illinois 5Essentials Survey” online to help the state identify its strengths and areas needing improvement. ...Read More


Call to Action: D230 could lose $7 million in state funding

Consolidated High School District 230 asks that you review this important information about pending legislation that could cost the district an estimated $7 million in state funding. Please read this newsletter and contact your state legislators to share your thoughts. ...Read More


School Board approves three administrative hires in light of retirements

The High School District 230 School Board approved three administrative hires in light of the retirements of key leaders at the end of this school year. ...Read More


2014-15 Course Selection Guide & Summer School Brochure

2014-15 Course Selection Guide & Summer School Brochure ...Read More

Results: 47 Articles found.
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