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The Ides of March….St. Patrick’s Day….Spring Solstice...Daylight Savings...and, yes, National Puppy Day.  All in all, there is a lot to pack into the month of March.  At VJA, we are no exception - March is a very busy month of showcases, celebrations, and events that make for a fast paced, impactful month for VJA students, parents, and staff.

The VJA music program is having a special year.  Arguably, the “unofficial” best, most historic year in the program's history.  Our Wind Symphony hits its apex in March as it prepared to be a Showcase School in the Bands of America National Band Festival.  Andrew is one of 18 bands across the US selected to participate!  This is a crowning jewel moment for our band program and represents steady growth over the past several years.  We invite everyone out to the Showcase Symphonic Concert on March 7th where the band will be performing its showcase performance.  They will travel to Indianapolis later in the week to participate in the festival.  Not to be out shadowed, but on March 14th, our entire music program will put on its annual Prism Concert.  Prism features all music programs in a seamless journey through winds, strings, and vocals.

March also allows for Andrew’s diversity and talent to showcase!  “Dancing through Diversity” brings our many talented students whose heritage and culture showcase dances, fashions, and culture from around the globe.  Project Diversity, with over 100 T-Bolts actively involved, sponsor the event and proceeds go to help humanitarian efforts from around the globe.  We welcome you to come out, support, and enjoy the shows on March 17th (4pm & 7pm) and March 18th (5pm).

On March 15th, we proudly host our 7th annual Spring Parent University.  This event is designed to provide valuable information to parents of all ages.  This year, we redesigned the event to better target information to parents based on their student’s grade level.  Additionally, if your son or daughter is planning to attend prom, you must attend the pre-prom meeting at 7pm.  We encourage you all to attend to receive information about prom, post-secondary planning, SAT preparation, technology for the future, and other important information. 

Earlier in the day, VJA hosts its 2nd annual Senior Academy.  The Senior Academy is an opportunity for our seniors to meet with experts in the field about the important, upcoming issues, information, and “think abouts” that will become realities in life after high school.  We are very proud to have this opportunity and believe it is a unique opportunity for our seniors. 

Finally, we end the month with our 2nd Annual Golden Bolts Recognition Night.  This event, run by the VJA Senior Leaders, recognizes individuals from several different categories: students, teachers, support staff, and community members.  This year, we have added a recognition for a Corporate Partner as well.  This event is intended to recognize individuals that go above and beyond to support our school, while living up to the VJA ideals of character, persistence, and respect for others. 

March is a great month for VJA!  As always, please send questions, suggestions, or comments to me at

Robert Nolting


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